Bio Energetic testing is the newest & safest way to get answers about your health! The complete testing solution!

Have you ever felt like something is wrong in your body but you just can’t pin point it? Enter biological energetic testing. Without needles or a doctor’s visit, you can have the answers that you’ve been searching for! With one simple test, we can provide a detail report about your bodies health, using proven science! More testing usually equals more money, but with our Bio Energetic lab, you get all of the tests that you need for one low price!

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  • What is my cost?

    The cost for the labs are $295.00 US Dollars. That includes all of our fees and processing.

  • How do I order my lab?

    Order is placed online (right here on this website). Once your order is received Fortune Bio Scan labs will send out a kit to gather your biological samples. As soon as your samples are received back at the lab, your report will be run and results issued.

  • How do I receive my report?

    You will receive a report via email after returning your samples to the lab. Your report will be delivered as a detailed PDF.

  • Who can order reports?

    Anyone can order a report. This can be used for personal information. Medical providers, regardless of type of licensing can also order labs for patients and clients. If you are interested in setting up a provider account please provide your information on our (New accounts page? ) and sign up to receive bulk pricing.

Bio Energetic testing can replace all of the labs listed below & help you save over $50,000!

Average prices per lab, based on current 2017 prices!

Allergy $1000
Amino Acids $325
Bacterial $150
Blood $1500
Blood lipid $1500
Glutathione $329
Emotional $65
PH $2000
Vagal tone $1055
HDL/LDL $100/175
Reproductive $200
Bone $647
Muscle $500
Cranial nerve $1200
Memory $3000-6000
Parasympathetic system $400
Cardio $630
Cerebrovascular $325
CBC $100-$3000
Meridian $149
Collagen $775
Digestive Enzymes $100
Endocrine $150
Eye $250
Fungus $300
Gastrointestinal $430
Diamine Oxidase $2000
Prothorombin $200

Hormone $3000
Inflammation $1195
Insulin $772
Kidney test
stage 1 $2100
stage 2 $1500
Stage 3 $ 3000
Stage 4 $12,300
Mold $300
Lung $100
Macromineral $1200
Micromineral $600
Heavy Metal $200
Pancreas $170
Parasite $350
Skin. $1000
Thyroid $1500
Virus $200
Hepatitis $329
Influenza $144
Chickenpox $150
HIV $200
STD $200
Epstein Barr $155
Vitamin $600
Coenzymes $1200

That’s $57,820 Total!! 

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