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    Introducing Bio energetic testing! It has become one of the newest ways of testing the bodies health physically, emotionally & nutritionally!

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Have you ever felt like something is wrong in your body but you just can’t pin point it? Tradition encourages us to go to the doctor and have labs drawn. How often do we see our provider, then leave without any answers. More testing equals more money out of your pocket and in some cases can take months to narrow the field of what is disrupting your body. In the mean time, your symptoms continue to worsen and so does your frustration. So, what do we do about it? Is there a way to get an overview of the body to give us an idea of where we can actually start looking for answers. Yes there is!

Enter biological energetic testing. Without needles or a doctor’s visit, you can have the answers that you’ve been searching for! With one simple test, we can provide a detail report about your bodies health, using proven science! Eastern medicine has been using energetic testing for decades. Energetic testing is more complete than most traditional western system for testing the human body and it’s less invasive. As soon as your test is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report about your body. The report includes data about your physical health as well as emotional and nutritional health. Allergies, immune deficiencies, disease, hormone levels, and so much more! Click (here) to see the full list.

Very Safe!

No needles, no blood required!

Fast & Easy!

Complete your test kit in minutes!


The test is quick and affordable! Win-Win!

With one simple test, we can check your bodies health physically, emotionally, nutritionally…

Bio energetic testing has become one of the newest ways of testing the bodies health physically, emotionally, nutritionally, etc. How is this possible? When we are exposed to a virus for example the electrical frequency of the virus makes specific changes to our body. These changes can create a catalytic effect of symptoms, emotional health, and our bodies ability to heal itself. This technology combines Western and Chinese medical reports to help draw cleaner conclusions to what might be creating the imbalance occurring in your body. Throughout the process of development, the physicists were able to determine that everything has a frequency that is measured. Every organ, tooth, emotion, virus, bacteria became measurable. Large libraries of information and data were able to be compiled with a new unique way of testing. Almost 30 years later, the technology has continued to progress and we are able to integrate Biological testing with frequency testing which has created a new field in medicine called Bio energetic testing. Fortune Bio Scan labs has a unique way of being able to test what the body has been exposed to and the level of exposure. There is no poking and prodding the body to obtain biological samples. Thank goodness!

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