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    How does the testing work? What is tested? What kind of results can I expect?

Fortune Bio Scan labs & Bio energetic testing

To help you understand biological energetic testing, let’s compare a standard blood test to our energetic test.

A typical metabolic panel (blood test) measures sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), magnesium, creatinine, glucose, and sometimes calcium. Tests focusing on cholesterol levels can determine LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, as well as triglyceride levels. They compare the subjects various levels to larger groups to determine if the levels are high, low or in need of serious attention. In 2008, scientists announced that the more cost effective saliva testing could eventually replace some blood tests, as saliva contains most of the proteins found in blood.

Biological energetic testing uses saliva, urine and hair to measure the same levels or components as a standard blood test. Since we have 3 biological samples, we can screen for much more than a standard blood test. We are not in any way discounting blood lab work. It works, but the amount of data collected during a standard blood tab (about your body and state of health) is limited. Our energetic testing is more complete. We could use blood, but saliva, urine and hair are much easier for the subject (you) to provide.

Within the AO Lab unit are specially tuned induction coils positioned directly under each specimen receptacle. These coils are designed to pick up and amplify the frequencies in the Hair, Saliva and Urine provided by the client.

The amplification of the frequencies is accomplished via the movement of energized liquid that is constantly flowing beneath each coil and passing through a Sibin* filter and cooling system. The Sibin filter energizes the liquid with negative ION’s and Far Infrared energy.

*Sibin is a mineral compound found in the remnants of a meteor that struck China millions of years ago. This mineral naturally produces Negative ION’s and Far Infrared energy and is not found anywhere else in the world.

The Bio energetic process can shed light on areas of your bodies health that you might otherwise ignore…

How does the testing work? We collect, 3 biological samples which include hair, urine and saliva. This gives us more data to compare results with as the lab compiles data against the libraries of information. In short, we can find out more about your bodies health if we use 3 biological samples. One sample might provide the information needed, but 3 samples allows us to be as thorough as possible.

What is tested? What kind of results can I expect?

We compare large data bases of frequencies against the 3 biological samples. Data from 40 medical reports are gathered throughout this process and complied into a detailed report about your bodies health. The report is quite extensive, but easy to understand. Please click the link below to view a sample lab report.

How do I get started? What next?

  • What is my cost?

    The cost for the labs are $295.00 US Dollars. That includes all of our fees and processing.

  • How do I order my lab?

    Order is placed online (right here on this website). Once your order is received Fortune Bio Scan labs will send out a kit to gather your biological samples. As soon as your samples are received back at the lab, your report will be run and results issued.

  • How do I receive my report?

    You will receive a report via email after returning your samples to the lab. Your report will be delivered as a detailed PDF.

  • Who can order reports?

    Anyone can order a report. This can be used for personal information. Medical providers, regardless of type of licensing can also order labs for patients and clients. If you are interested in setting up a provider account please provide your information on our (New accounts page? ) and sign up to receive bulk pricing.

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